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If your shingle roof is leaking call us immediately at (514) 489-8178 for an absolutely FREE roofing shingle installation, replacement or repair quotation. To avoid leaks and water infiltration Mont-Rose recommends an annual visual inspection or your shingle roofing system. If you are in process of doing your own annual inspection look for curling, granule loss, cracking, raised shingles, blistering or tearing. From within your attic look for frost (winter) or a black water stain(s) on the underside of the roof deck, a result of condensation from improperly connected bathroom or kitchen exhaust vents and improper ventilation. Water stains on the walls can indicate ice dam buildups that have gone up and under shingles or cement walls and melted once the weather warmed. If you see any of these issues your asphalt shingle roof may need a repair, maintenance or a complete replacement. Our team at Mont-Rose Roofing has specialized in shingled roofs since 1984.

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    Mont Rose Roofing installers work with all major manufacturers of fiberglass shingles including BP, IKO, Certainteed & GAF. We are a certified Platinum BP Master Roofer Shingle Installer & IKO Professional ShieldPro Contractor. We recommend the BP Weather-Tite® roofing system with tiles that have 2 sealant bands for higher wind resistance. The system provides maximum protection by including proper underlayment, waterproofing membranes and premium shingles with 30 year to limited-lifetime warranties.

    Mystique 42, Everest and Yukon laminate asphalt shingles made from a fiberglass mat and surfaced with mineral granules are the most often selected. Premium architectural shingles come in a rich palette of designer colors.

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    When creating a new roof sheathing we recommend a minimum of 5/8 thick plywood. While other teams use OSB/Aspenite boards to minimum code requirements of 7/16, we like to ensure our decks will last the lifetime of your buildings, provide better nail adherence and be able to handle heavier snow loads without bowing. On older buildings our team will inspect and replace damaged sections of your buildings’ roof decks as required, then install a minimum 6 feet of Grace Water Shield rubber membrane from the edge and finally synthetic or 15 lbs paper is applied to the balance of the roof. If the slope is too low we will evaluate and possibly install rubber membrane on the whole roof. Galvanized plumbing vent sleeves go over your existing plumbing pipes. Valleys have Grace Water Shield membrane 1st, then 18″ wide galvanized metal (9″ x 9″) and finally Professional Grade Thiroco plastic cement before the shingles are laid down. Maximum vents or equivalent quality are used to ventilate the attic and our team carefully removes all construction debris at the end of every job.

    We manually nail each shingle down. Yes we do it old school… why do it when it takes longer to complete the job you ask? Many roofers use nail guns but don’t calibrate them to the temperature, as recommended by the shingle manufacturers. This results in improper force being applied to the nail and torn or damaged shingles. The old hammer and nail method gives our installers full control of the nails and where they go. It guarantees that when there is a gap between planks the the nails don’t tear through the shingles and fly into the attic. Common issues when using an electric or pneumatic nail gun.



    An oft overlooked part of roofing quotations is the aluminum coverings over wood or exposed eaves. A soffit provides aesthetics and function within a building’s roofing system. It’s the sheathing that covers your eaves, without it your beams or rafters would be exposed. The “fascia” is aluminum that covers the rafters, without it the exposed wood would dry out or rot from exposure to water, snow or sunlight. Older homes used to enclose the eaves with plywood, technological advances in roofing systems has shown us that the air needs to circulate through the roof, so we now remove the wood blocking the proper ventilation of your attic. During the summer, air is drawn up through the ventilated soffits/eaves and expulsed through the vents at the roof’s peak keeping the attic cooler and prolonging the life of your shingles. Our aluminum experts have the colours you want and the tools necessary to cut, bend and install flashing, soffit or fascia. Want more light in your house? Why not install a skylight. Our skylight installation team will make sure that Skylights or Sun Tubes, are installed to manufacturer specifications and most importantly… no leaks!



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    The reasons are simple:

    • Licensed, Bonded and Insured.

    • Platinum BP Certified Installer.

    • We have been in operation for over 30 years.

    • No opening and closing doors to avoid warranty replacement.

    • Each and every one of our team leaders has 20+ years experience.

    • We are part of the Quebec Master Roofers Association.

    • Have our Régie du bâtiment du Québec licence.

    • Our warranties for tar and gravel roofs are up to 10 years.

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